Shipmates and what they are doing today

What are your shipmates up to? Take a look below to see who is doing what. This is also a way network and get back in touch with your old shipmantes and friends.

Career: Worked int the Aerospace Industry for the past 15 years as an Electronic Quality Technician. Spend the last 3 years working for Trillium Engineering, a truly amazing, family oriented company. Expected to retire from there in the next 5 years.

SM3 Steve May (1989-1991) - Steve served the NAVY in the late 80's early 90's as a signalman. When he left the NAVY he went back home to Spokane Whashington where he started his career as a musician. He is a great drummer for a band called Sundiver. Take a listen to some of their hits...

Music - Branch Dividian

Music - 205 mast v1

If you want to show others what you are doing, send your pictures, links and bio to:

Jim English
180 Lifestyle Blvd - Apt 112
Palm Harbor, FL 34684