Captain's Corner

Greetings Shipmates									

Time for me to get off my duff, limber up my fingers, and write a quick note to the always
great Yarnell crew…been awhile and I want to dispel any rumors that I am pushing daisies.
My Holiday Season, like many of you, always starts in November with the fabulous Yarnell
Veterans Weekend Reunion and this past year was no exception. Glenn and First Mate Sally
put forth their typical awesome effort in Myrtle Beach, brought the fabulous Tiki-Bar Band
with them from Virginia Beach, and about a 100 of us ate, drank, sang, were sung to, danced,
told mostly true stories, told the same stories (my wife said that would be me), golfed, goofed,
and just plain enjoyed being around the best friends one could ever have.  We all owe Glenn a debt
of gratitude for the hard work and creative effort he puts into ensuring these Reunions are a
great success…same goes for Sally who really knows how to get a party going…two terrific shipmates!
I hope everyone navigated through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s in good health & spirits
and are embarked on a happy and exciting 2017, and remember the Holiday Season will again start at
our Veteran’s Day Reunion which is coming back to Virginia Beach.  Also coming back by very popular
demand is the Tiki Bar Band, who will keep us entertained throughout.  

As I said in my last letter, we look forward to seeing you at November’s Reunion…please pass
the word regarding the event to shipmates and encourage them to start the 2017 Holiday Season
with the best friends one could ever have!

All the very best!

Capt Z